Fort Bragg Beach Engagement

This was the engagement shoot that almost didn't happen, and as it so happens it turned out to be one of my favorites I have ever shot! 

engagement sunset

We had this shoot planned for months to coincide with a family trip I was making to celebrate birthdays for myself and my brother's wife. As the weekend approached however we were dealing with constant rain and hail and high winds. We weren't bothered one bit as we were staying in this amazing beach house with plenty to keep us comfortable and busy but it looked like the photo session wasn't going to be able to happen. 


After cancelling, rescheduling, and waiting on pins and needles, Saturday the skies cleared and against all forecasts we had a gorgeous day. So I called Ashley and told her we were on again - only to get the news that she was having to run to an emergency eye doctor appointment and might not be able to make it in time. 



Eventually I got the call that they would be making it to town JUST in the nick of time so I got ready and sat on the porch to await their arrival. Then came the next hiccup - they had stopped to use the restroom and her car died! Seriously I feel like this couple couldn't catch a break. I was a little nervous as I watched the sun dropping lower in the sky and realized we didn't have a  whole lot of daylight left. But they arrived and we ran across the street, dogs in tow, and knocked out on of my most beautiful engagement sessions to date. 

Thankfully Ashley's parents were along to help with the dogs, who had NEVER been to the beach before! They were going bananas! I just love the shots we got with them. Before ending the session I asked if there were any ideas they wanted to capture and Jeff had this one request which ended up being one of my favorite shots. 



Seriously though, check out that ring! 


And this is the sunset as we left the beach to go warm up and eat dinner. Sometimes the things that we have to work hardest for are the things that end up being the most worthwhile. And if you think Ashley and Jeff's engagement session was an adventure, stay tuned for their Yosemite wedding in May. I absolutely can't wait!