Art Deco Weekday Wedding on the Delta King Riverboat

I was stoked about this wedding from the get go, not just because the bride is a complete sweetheart and also a music gal but because I LOVE weekday weddings and the chance to do something a little different from the standard Saturday wedding venue. 


This was really one of those weddings that just felt RIGHT. Every detail from the bride's look to the decor to the perfect sunset were absoltuely breathtaking. It was a small affair with just family and close friends attending and sometimes I think that is best! 

The theme was art deco and the flowers and plant life were PHENOMENAL. 

When doing such an intimate wedding you always hope that the family will be easygoing and fun to be around - we lucked out with this one! Everyone was a joy to be around and the live music made the evening just perfect. HUGE congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Huntington! 

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