Vanessa + Mandy - an urban engagement session

I get really nervous stepping outside of my usual comfort zone with photography but lately I've been trying to push myself to do just that. I don't want to be that photographer that finds a comfortable place and then just sits there for the rest of their career. The location, colors, angles, everything was new for me in last night's shoot but I can honestly say that I can't pick a favorite image. This is definitely in the running though! 


For Mandy and Vanessa's shoot we went for an urban look, utilizing city streets, park benches, and the existing backdrops in place in Old Folsom. I think the key for me in learning to get comfortable with the urban setting was figuring out that I wasn't meant to work AROUND the cars, light poles, etc. but that all of that is part of the actual shoot and what makes it worth using. 

I also went for a slight film look with these, using some matte techniques that I'm not all that comfortable with. They say that you have to step outside of your comfort zone to find your best work so that's what I'm challenging myself with. I have to say, I LOVE the results lately. 


The best part of these photos is the women in them. I have known Mandy for about 6 years, and watched this wonderful woman go through ups, downs, love and heartbreak. I always KNEW it was because somewhere out there her perfect match was looking for her too and that when they met it would just be like 'ahhhhhhh there you are'. The more you go through as individuals the stronger you can be as a couple, especially if you always focus on the things that brought you together. 

We have done a handful of photos of this beautiful couple with their son Aiden but it was really nice to sneak away for an evening and focus on their love and what brought them together.  

Vanessa and Mandy are getting married next April and I CANNOT WAIT to shoot their beautiful estate wedding with the best planner in the business Christina Petanovich of Obsessed Events. Stay tuned for their gorgeous spring wedding!

Here are some more sneak peeks from this session: